Solar Power: Earth and Budget Friendly Solution

Street lighting is a necessity and this can be considered as one of the biggest single expense in any cities and other areas around the world. The cost of electricity or power services is always increasing which means that the most practical solution are solar powered street lights. In fact, the use of solar power as an alternative for traditional electricity has become quite popular because of practical reasons.

solar powered lights 2Technology has paved the way for economically viable solutions wherein it is now quite easy to adopt solar lighting technologies. These solar powered street lights can effectively reduce the cost of electricity and as well as greenhouse emissions which can be a great help to the environment.

How can solar energy save you money?

As the name suggests, solar powered street lights make use of solar energy which is practically for free. Conventional lights are wired to electricity which means that the district may have to spend a huge amount of money to get their streets lighted. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that you will never have to spend a dime with these solar powered street lights. You will have to initially pay for the materials needed in setting up the solar power source, installation and as well as regular maintenance. However, no need to worry though since the cost is basically just a fraction of the total amount you will spend in paying for your power bills.

The cost of the materials and installation can be quite overwhelming at first. However, this would be the only time that you are going to shell out money since of course you will no longer be paying electricity in the future. Think of it as an investment but with very pleasing returns.

Easy installation

The solar powered street lights do not have to be connected to any power line which means that installing the lights can be a breeze. You really do not need a lot of materials for installation since the work will be concentrated usually in small areas. The installation can also be done by the manufacturer or from the store where you bought the solar kit. This can be quite convenient especially to those people who are not too adept in handling tools. The installation of these solar powered street lights do not cause major disruption in the area which can be very well appreciated by your neighbors. The installation of traditional sidewalk lights on the other hand requires a lot of work and can certainly cause disruptions in the designated area since there are instances wherein sidewalks and other roads may be demolished or remade.

Value for money

Apart from saving money on your monthly electricity bills, the use of solar power is also more environment friendly especially when it is used with LED. The materials and the power itself are expected to last longer and with the use of LED, users can expect to gain more plus points from Mother Nature. LED lights do not contain mercury which is known to be very harmful to the environment. LED lights can also last a lot longer compared to other types of bulbs and LED lights can produce brighter lights as well.

Before you set up your solar energy street lights, make sure that you have considered a few important factors. First, you must correctly size the different components like the battery, panels, lamp and solar controller based on the area. You can also ask an expert to help you out with this matter so you will be assured that you are doing the right thing. It is also advisable to do your own research on the matter so you can come up with more effective ways to save money through solar power.

The Advantages of Using Solar Power

Our modern world has a never-ending demand for energy. Since the price of oil is at an all-time high and the use of conventional energy sources poses a threat to our environment, we continue to find ways to use alternative energy sources. Nature has provided us an abundant supply of natural energy and one of its most vital and renewable energy source is from the sun. Solar energy is a sustainable energy option that can be used in different ways and can be utilized for some applications. Interested in solar parking lot lights? Click here.

solar street light equipment 2One of the oldest solar power usage is thru daylighting. This system gathers and disseminates light from the sun to give viable inside structures. The daylighting configuration suggests cautious choices of window sorts, sizes and positioning may be considered too. There are additionally other structural elements, for example, sun tracking systems which consolidate light with fiber optics or mirrors to provide light to the interior of large structures. On the other hand, heating systems that harness solar power can be utilized for water heating as a part of temperature control for modern structures. These heating systems use multiple kinds of receptors to accumulate and store the sun’s energy for warming water in commercial and industrial settings.

There are many advantages of using sun-based power as your primary source of energy. You have lower electrical bills than the usual due to low electrical consumption. Solar parking lot lights are a good alternative for driveway and street lighting since they utilize a photovoltaic cell that charges the light’s batteries for the duration of the day with the utilization of the sun’s beams, this gives adequate power to control your sun-powered open air lights. Additionally, this is much more secure than conventional power sources as it prevents electrocution from electrical wires and power outlets. Sun powered exterior lighting come in different sizes and styles to suit your requirements for lighting in different areas. One of the best focal points to sun oriented open air lights is that they are extremely cost-proficient. You don’t need to stress over high establishment charges, on the grounds that they are anything but difficult to introduce yourself.

How Do Solar Cells Work to Power Street Lights

The sun is the ultimate source of power energy. Without the sun, there will be no life. Due to the latest technology, solar power is now used for many purposes. One product of technology and solar energy are our solar powered street lights. Since solar energy is unlimited during the day and renewable, many companies that are backed with science are focusing on creating and improving products that could transform or convert solar energy into electric energy that will surely benefit us all day and night.

What are solar cells?

solar street light cflSolar cells or photovoltaic cells are responsible for absorbing and converting solar energy into electricity. Solar cells are now widely used to power most gadgets like watches, calculators, and even the satellites that orbits around the earth. The solar powered street lights near you are run by solar panels which are a collection of solar cells. Solar cells although they look plastic or glass like are made from silicon which is a semiconductor. Semiconductor metals have the ability to let electricity flow through them making silicon the best component of solar cells. The ability of solar cells to absorb solar energy and create electricity is called photoelectric effect.

How do solar cells work?

The heat coming from the sun is composed of millions of tiny photons. Once these photons reach the atoms of the solar cell, they will become loose electrons. These electrons are now free from atoms so they are now ready to become electricity. Electrons will be led into an electric current to create an electrical imbalance all throughout the solar panel. Once the electrons are directed in one direction, the atoms from the silicon will create positively charge and negatively charge types of silicon which when smashed together or joined together will form electric current that can power street lights, calculators, watches, and everything in between.